Lake County Ambulance Service

For a safer and healthier community 

January 2016 - Victory Fund gives $322,000 for the purchase of a new state-of-the-art ambulance and equipment to stock it

July 2015 - Cooperative Light and Power gave $600 for the purchase of new CPR training equipment for our training center

June 2015 - Minnesota Department of Health donates 2 LUCAS, devices used for improving CPR results and increasing cardiac arrest survival rates

February 2014 - American Heart Association Mission Lifeline, $25,000 received for a new LifePak Cardiac Monitor

December 2012 - Essentia Health Corporate Contributions awards a grant to LCAS in the amount of $25,000 to assist with the transition to an Advanced Life Support service

November 2012 - Cliffs Foundation gives $5,500 to LCAS in support of the transition to Advanced Life Support service

October 2012 - Cooperative Light & Power of Lake County Community Trust donates $700 to purchase CPR equipment

September 2012 - AgStar Fund for Rural America awarded LCAS $1050 to purchase new pagers for ambulance members

About Us

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Corey Larson

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Grants Received 

Currently, Lake County Ambulance Service (LCAS) staffs two stations. The base of operations is located in the city of Two Harbors with a substation in Silver Bay. At least one ambulance is staffed at both locations 24 hours a day. LCAS has 30+ members with a mixture of EMTs and Paramedics. In October of 2013, LCAS became licensed at the Advanced Life Support level. Being able to provide an even higher level of advanced care at the scene of an incident and throughout transport is very beneficial to the health of our patients. LCAS is now even better equipped to handle critical patients at the scene and during transport. With this change patients also receive a higher level of care in the initial stages of treatment. Lake County Ambulance Service strives to provide the best possible patient care with the latest advanced technology equipment. Our employees continually attend training to keep up with current best practices in EMS. 

Our Team

A dream team to help when medical attention is needed


Dr. Shawn McMahon, Medical Director
Karen Erickson, Board Chair

Shelley Fredrickson, Vice Chair
Karen Kaczrowski, Treasurer

Scott Blood
Pete Walsh
Rick Goutermont

Terri McDannold